It includes tasks like salary processing, tax withholding, benefits administration, and compliance with labor laws and regulations.

This process aims to verify legal compliance, safeguard the rights of both employer and employee, and ensure clarity in terms of job roles, responsibilities, compensation, and other relevant clauses.

This includes tasks like job posting, candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and even onboarding. We act as an extension of the client’s HR department, leveraging its expertise and resources to efficiently and effectively fill job vacancies. This service is designed to enhance the quality and speed of hiring while reducing the administrative burden on the client company.

– Contingency
– Retained
– Exclusive
– Headhunting

This involves liaising with MOM and relevant immigration authorities, preparing necessary documentation, and ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

This involves offering expert advice and guidance to businesses on various aspects of workforce management, including recruitment, talent acquisition strategies, HR policies, and compliance with labor laws. This service assists companies in making informed decisions related to their human resources needs.

Headcount services encompass the administrative processes involved in managing and tracking the number of employees in an organization. The recruitment firm acts as the employer of record, handling the administrative burdens while allowing the client company to focus on its core operations.

This involves the thorough vetting of a candidate’s background and work history to verify the accuracy of information provided on their resume or during interviews. This process helps ensure that the candidate’s qualifications and experience align with the requirements of the position.

– Incorporation Assistance
– ⁠Legal Compliance
– ⁠Tax Registration and Planning
– ⁠Bank Account Setup
– ⁠Visa and Work Pass Applications

We offer a personalised approach towards our clients and candidates to achieve the best possible match without compromising both parties’ needs and expectations.

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